Fønix is the largest company within the vocational rehabilitation market in Norway. Our main office is in Sandefjord, Norway, (120 km south of Oslo) supporting 8 regional offices. Fønix have 160 employees – mostly certified trainers and instructors / teachers.

Fønix is an NGO and organized as a limited company (AS), but act as a non-profit organization through our formal approval as supplier to the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Service (NAV).

Fønix is 100% owned by the municipality of Sandefjord. Sandefjord is the 8th largest city in Norway with approximately 65.000 inhabitants.

High capacity

At any time during the year, our service includes approximately 2.000 learners / jobseekers and approximately 300 migrants / language learners. In addition to this more than 1.400 low skilled employees improved their formal competence and basic skills through different learning programs in Fønix.


Fønix has previous and ongoing experience with participating in Erasmus+ projects on all levels (KA1, KA2 and KA3), Nordplus and EEA Norway Grants.

As of May 2024 Fønix are involved in 11 different international projects.

Fønix is always looking for good international partnerships in the fields of:

  • Vocational rehabilitation in general and special programs for youths (NEETs)
  • Language training and integrations for migrants
  • Programs on health, sick leave, and social inclusion in general
  • Lifelong career guidance – both individuals and in groups
  • Basic skills in working life – also in attention to VET and all kind of formal competences


Fønix has a separate international department coordinated by Mrs. Lene Borvik.

Lene Borvik

Lene Borvik